Free Ebook: “Internal Communication 2.0: A Cultural Challenge” – [English version]

Free Ebook: “Internal Communication 2.0: A Cultural Challenge” – [English version]

Please complete to download the free ebook “Internal Communication 2.0: A Cultural Challenge” – [English version]






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19 comentarios

  • Ali Anani 02/02/2011 en 8:54 pm

    Honestly, this is a masterpiece. I loved it. It reads thoroughly and convincingly. I have finished reading half of the chapter, but I cannot resist registering my appreciation. You are absolutely right when you say
    The suit does not make the man.- that is if we also put books on the back of a donkey the books do not make the donkey knowledgeable
    Likewise; when you write
    Culture is communication in movement- I would add in a non-linear movement
    Similarly, I liked the comparison between Web 1 and 2. The comparison chart is clear

    Above all, I liked your statement
    I’m not sure if this is what companies want but I think that it is what they need
    Great, many times companies do not realize that they need a healthy culture before they may use technology
    The chapter is fluent and easy to read. Congratulations for writing such a good read

  • Mike Klein 03/02/2011 en 5:02 pm

    In clear, simple and enthusiastic terms, Alejandro Formanchuk defines an actionable new world into internal communication in organisations can evolve.

    Combining “version 2.0” realities with traditional frameworks, his book is a manifesto for those seeking to move their organisations forward into an approach that is more authentic, respectful, and democratic.

    Ultimately, it’s an approach which adds and liberates more value. Well done!

    Mike Klein, Co-Founder, CommScrum (

  • Caddy Marketing 03/02/2011 en 9:18 pm

    Alejandro, thanks so much for sharing your e-book with us! Very interesting, and very much appreciated!

  • Robert L Roach 03/02/2011 en 9:26 pm

    Hello Alejandro, Your e-book was quite interesting; I am looking forward to exploring it more.

  • Jamie Garantziotis 03/02/2011 en 10:02 pm

    thx for sharing Alejandro, much appreciated.

  • Paola Finocchiaro 06/02/2011 en 12:04 pm

    read it and loved it, specially your red lists…

  • monica mullmayer 07/02/2011 en 2:40 am

    Hi Alejandro,
    very interesting summary. I like it!

    Like Ali said, the chart between web 1 and 2 is very clear.

    Tks for sharing it!

  • Simone Jordão 07/02/2011 en 10:59 am

    Ola, Alejandro!
    tks for sharing such deep and important literature for internal communications community! Congratulations on your well done work!

  • Sua 21/02/2011 en 10:50 pm

    Thank’s for sharing it!
    Greetings from México~

    • Alejandro Formanchuk 27/02/2011 en 1:07 am

      Thank you Sua!!!

  • Caroline Lowings 07/08/2011 en 10:09 pm

    Dear Alejandro,

    I have been reading your ebook about Internal Communications 2.0 found on the internet and I find very interesting and refreshing. By refreshing I mean your stance that it all starts with culture and relating to people, and not with tools first.

    Thanks for the ebook 🙂

    Kind regards from South Africa,
    Caroline Lowings

  • Monika Lancucki 07/08/2011 en 10:17 pm

    Buenas Dias Alejandro,

    I just downloaded your e-book… Many of the matters you discuss are ones I am working on right now… In fact… Some of the language you use is very reminiscent of certain emails and conversaoions I have had even as recently as today.

    We are piloting Yammer as a tool in our business…. Very early stages… The CEO is a huge champion of internal comms 2.0 but we do have some pretty significant pockets of resistance.

    We are going with a ‘find champions and lead by action and example’ approach and once we get a critical mass roll it out. What suggestions do you have about fast tracking this process. Please feel free to respond publicly. I responded privately as we have gained some traction amongst the skeptics who are now on linked in did not want this to be evident in the public domain. Best regards and thank you for your most refreshing piece of work.

    Dziekuje. Monika

    • Alejandro Formanchuk 07/08/2011 en 10:22 pm

      Hi Monika, thanks for your message, I’m glad you liked the book! And much more you are carrying on the cultural process of implementing open communications and participatory. As to your question, I think a great facilitator of the process is elabroacion indicators showing that the change is positive. Greetings from Buenos Aires to Syndey! Ale

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